Digimorph is a short film which tells the story of a woman who tries to find a partner through an online dating website. It shows the consequences of inaccurate self-perception and self-portrayal in online media.

The story is portrayed through dance, music and body art. The film contains no dialog nor text and is purely interpretive.

The project was a cooperation between the Hochschule Furtwangen University (project management, storyboard and script, camera and sound technology, body painting, set design) and the Hochschule Trossingen (choreography, sound design). Several months of planning were necessary to coordinate the over 40 volunteers on the actual day of shooting. My roles included the set design, storyboard and I served as the main film director.

In 2016 the film won the university’s media prize.

  • Team: Sandra Beuck, Sabrina Lange, Lydia Friedrich, Sarah Häfele
  • Supervisor: Prof. Christian Fries
  • My main tasks: set design, storyboard, main film director