BlinkenTiles is a versatile, interactive and large-scale installation, which allows the user to make music by moving over a sound-matrix. This matrix is projected on the floor and the user’s positions are tracked with a Microsoft Kinect.

The installation was developed by a team of programmers and designers for the class “Interaction Design” at the department of Digital Media in winter semester 2014/15. It was presented to a larger audience at the Media Days of the University, where it was successfully tested. In October 2015, our team was invited to present BlinkenTiles at the Science Days, an interactive exhibition which playfully teaches science to children and which takes place in the Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park. The installation was accepted wholeheartedly and for three days we had the opportunity to experience the special interaction that the kids had with our game.

The installation was programmed in the Unity3D game engine and in C#, the input data was delivered by the Microsoft Kinect. The project included a large planning phase since the image of the projector, the depth information of the Kinect and the music had to be synced. Important parameters were the suspension heights of the devices, as well as the overall usability of the installation.