Stereo 3D (S3D) movies (often only referred to as 3-d movies) have become a common standard not only in cinemas but also already in many living rooms. However, it is still difficult for the cameramen to view a S3D scene stereoscopically on set.

To address this problem, a prototype was designed and implemented, which transforms the Oculus Rift into a S3D camera view-finder.

The prototype was developed in Unity3D with C# and the OVR-, the AVProLiveCamera- and the OpenCV-Plug-in. Alongside the Oculus Rift, a S3D camera was used as an input-device. The project was part of the class “Advanced Media Production” at the Faculty of Digital Media in the winter semester 2014/15.

The S3D movies’ depth effects change depending on parameters such as canvas size (movie theatres vs. home tv) or the viewers’ distance and viewing-angle to it. The software lets the cameraman simulate different situations, to avoid errors on set.

  • Team: Fabian Gärtner, Alexander Scheurer, Linda Schey, Sarah Häfele
  • Supervisor: Prof. Hottong
  • Source Code on Github